Hi, I’m a coder and web developer focused on responsive web apps using HTML5 and CSS3.

I’m specialized in WordPress theme and plugin development, plus general PHP development or via frameworks like Laravel 5, usually working remote.

If you want to talk about some projects or want to hire me, here is my contact page.

WordPress plugins / PHP

Plugins portfolio at wordpress.org

Started seedplugins brand for commercial plugins.

Plugins at CodeCanyon / WordPress / PHP

GitHub / PHP

Web development knowledge

  • Experience developing HTML5/CSS3 projects with PHP and MySQL.
  • Developing responsive and adaptive interfaces (media queries) for multiple devices.
  • Design and management of relational databases such MySQL or MariaDB.
  • Javascript, AJAX, jQuery and plugin programming for jQuery.
  • Experience implementing e-commerce API’s Stripe and PayPal
  • I have worked with twitter Bootstrap interfaces and other grid systems.
  • Use of Memcache and Redis as a RAM based cache systems.
  • Photoshop and converting pixel-perfect PSD designs to web interfaces.
  • SVG modifications and exporting to images or using base-64 data.
  • Ability to resume large code repositories for projects already started.
  • Installing SSL certificates on Linux servers and prepare WordPress for HTTPS.
  • Experience with Linux command line through SSH as a sysadmin or sudo user.
  • Advanced configuration of Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Linux user, I work with Ubuntu on a daily basis.
  • Demonstrated open source contributions.
  • Regular use of GIT and knowledge of SVN.

Specialized in Laravel

  • Experience in projects with Laravel 5.*
  • Data access through Laravel Query Builder interface
  • Advanced development with Blade template system
  • Routing and controllers classes, middleware, Laravel console and CRON tabs, cloud Disk, etc.

Specialized in WordPress

  • Creating new themes from scratch.
  • Adapting and making changes for commercial themes.
  • Advanced plugin development.
  • Modifying addons for popular plugins like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Plugin contributions to the wordpress.org repository.
  • Deep knowledge of WordPress code: core functions and classes, hooks, filters, etc.


  • English, reading and writing on a daily basis, basic conversation level.
  • Español nativo.
  • Català/valencià a nivell natiu.

I can work remote

  • I live in Jávea (Alicante) and I have worked remotely with companies located at Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.
  • Five years of experience working remotely using tools like Slack, Skype, Google hangouts, etc.
  • Available for the european time zone (Alicante/Madrid, España)

Some examples of developments

Custom WordPress modules development for medical sector startup

Crawler results
WordPress plugin WP Link Status crawler results

Plantilla Red de Medios
Layout composition, migrations processes and plugin development of a spanish blog network

Web site development for WordPress at PixelST

Real estate website Promociones Jávea using inmoset web app.

Backoffice screenshot from custom web app development Inmoset

Development of web app inmoset for Inmobiliaria Terramar

toni-llidoWordPress site for Toni Llido architect.

PHP and MySQL developemt with PayPal and back gateway integration.

Professional experience

2016 Developing and releasing commercial plugin WP Link Status Pro at CodeCanyon repository. Throughout the year I have been working in custom projects for several customers: a plugin for WooCommerce exporting data to ERP applications for the consultant firm Aticum, a PHP/Laravel based project about citizen participation, and collaborating developing specific WordPress modules (landing, javascript effects) for medical sector startup.

2011-2015 CTO – Technical manager of spanish blog networks Red de Medios for Blogestudio IT company. PHP Programming, theme maintenance, blog migration scripts and intensive plugin development.

2014-2015 Releasing open source WordPress plugins from internal projects to the WordPress.org repository. Plugin maintenance, technical support, fixing bugs, etc.

2009-2011 Developing custom real estate websites from my own web app Inmoset. Rural houses portals, several web developments, migrations from other sites and custom scripts, etc.

2006-2008 Frelance works for several companies like PixelST, Blogestudio, Antevenio, etc. Also internal development of classifieds sites like Anuncios Marina Alta.

2004-2005 Programmer at real estate especialized company Novagis in Dénia, Alicante. Frontend implementations from desktop apps data sources. Apart from this I develop a spanish blogs agregator Agregax.

1997-2003 Programmer of several companies located in Valencia. Developer of e-learning product QS-Author for multimedia QS-media company. Programmer at Azertia working for clients like Lladró o Agencia Valenciana de Turismo. Programmer for Coverlink working at El Mundo newspaper.